Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your performance speaks!!

People are here to question you. A question arises because of doubts… Doubt in you… Doubt in your performance… Doubts in ur perfection... Of course you can not be perfect. You do not have to be… All you have to do at that time is Be Calm.. Listen to everyone. That will give you ideas for your next step... Listen... Listen and listen till you can take it... If you can’t then smile, make an excuse, get up, and walk away from that place/person at that time. Don’t be angry. If you can’t control your anger, let your anger be like tossing a pebble in the clear mirror-smooth lake. Where some ripples may be created for sometime but the surface will be calm again. U can not prevent yourself from getting angry but then you can decide how you want to act when you are angry.

When you come back, make sure you have new ideas.


The Best way to tell the world "SHUT UP" is to “SHOW RESULTS”