Sunday, July 4, 2010


It is a story of three human beings, lets name them as A, B and C.

A and B are best friends. When i use the word "best", i mean they think they are.

A hates C.
B does not hate C but doesn't like either.

A and B spend their free time together and you can say they are always together because they are always free.

B gets a job and becomes busy.

A starts complaining instead of understanding B's time management.

One fine day A meets C and finds out that C is not that bad.

A tells B about friendship with C.

B decides to stay away from C but never leaves A.

After few days A goes to B and says, "C was telling blah blah blah about u". 
Blah blah blah is too bad to be mentioned.

B loses temper and speaks to C. Now C says blah blah blah about A and also says that A says the same about B.

B tries to talk and clear all the misunderstanding but A and C refuse to speak again

B decides to stay away from both A and C.

B forgets, forgives and moves on.

Now C is least bothered but A is trying to contact B again.

B is disturbed.

What should B do??


Prashanth said...

Hello B,

Firstly, do not listen to everything what others say. Remember, something that is not said directly to/with you is as good as NOT SAID at all.

A is trying to contact you.. don't you know what to do? Don't say NO. Instead of listening to what others got to say, better you listen to what your 'heart' says..

Guddu said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate it :)

Pari said...

No one can understand B's situation, because nobody is in B's situation. B is the best judge of this situation. B should remember that if B wants to (talk to/ be friends with) A again it should be because B WANTS TO and not because A WANTS TO.

Prashanth said...

You are welcome!

Really don't know how I landed at your Blog; just randomly reading thoughts and I found you in 'Dilemma'.

I don't recall having any friends of mine with your nick. And, you know what? Every STRANGER is just a SMILE away.. :o)

Guddu said...

Well said Pari. I will implement that :)

Guddu said...

@ Prashant, Right :)