Sunday, July 4, 2010

Took some time off from my hectic routine!

The start was decent. Because of my bad health, I preferred to stay silent. Tried my best to enjoy the time between departure and arrival. After arrival we had to explore little to reach our destination. For some unknown reason, few fascinating things reminded me of Harry potter.. hehe.. I know strange!! I'm still obsessed with Harry Potter related stuffs :P

Alrite then we started for our next destination with rats and cats playing kabaddi in my stomach while butterflies were trying to fly too because of excitement. I was still silent. That’s the moment I figured out the fact that these days when I’m too excited for something, I run short of words. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment when I was asked again and again whether I was OK, come on, can’t I remain silent for sometime!! Nah, even I know that I can’t but I was :)
So the two hours drive was the beginning of an exciting journey.
After an hour, I decided to feed the rats and cats who were tired of playing kabbaddi , kho kho, gulli danda and all other games I can not recall :)
The so called small restaurant was bigger and better than all the restaurants I have visited in Bangalore. Oops no comparison. ;) The food was yummy. When we reached hotel, I could barely stand because of tiredness and sleeplessness. In past two days I had slept for hardly 5-6 hours. I somehow bribed my feet mentally and made it to work with friction offered by ground till we reached our room. Then a bang and I crashed on the bed and retired...
After a peaceful sleep of 2 hours 37 minutes, shower and delicious lunch, we proceeded for a theater show which is one of a kind. Have never experienced this kind of unique fun which did not allow us to think anything else that evening. I don't remember taking my eyes off of stage even for a moment. 

After dinner, we strolled down the road for sometime. The day was over but the excitement of this tour was not.

Next morning had loads in store for us.

The thought and experience of breathtaking and extraordinary under sea diving and Para-gliding is unforgettable. I touched few sea creatures while I was 20-30 feet inside the water but unfortunately could not catch a fish. ;). Under the water, air pressure was unbearable for 20 minutes, still when I was instructed to come out of water, how much I hated that person for a moment. Wish I could breathe in water and live there forever.

After we reached hotel, it took me more than an hour to free myself from the sand I carried with me as I walked away from the sea.

Lots of other stuffs impressed me there but what impressed me most was the People, their simplicity and the sweetness in their voice. 

After these two unforgettable days whose memory will always be cherished, we moved towards our next destination. Uff I am tired now. Will continue in my next post :)

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