Saturday, July 10, 2010


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Now and then we come across people/things/place which leave such impression that can never be erased. We visit a place and we wish we could stay there forever. We see things and wish we could own it. We see people and wish we could be like them.

Sometimes there are some wishes hidden inside our unconscious mind which we are not aware of. We come to know only when they are either fulfilled or we lose the chance of having them fulfilled. Why do we often take so long to realize something we may always be craving for..

We also dont know what we exactly want. We crave for something, we get it and then we end up saying: Hey!! This is not what i wanted... Weird, isn't it?? May be.. but a fact we always ignore.

I have learnt from life not to wish for anything. What we deserve, we will get.. Just work towards your goal.

For example:

"Here A's and B's age is more than two times of my age"

This conversation took place 2-3 years back....:

A:Guddu beta, u r not changed yet, grow up now. U should learn to handle things on your own, you should be serious in your life. You should not laugh at everything. You should not be so talkative.. blah blah blah

Oh! How much i wished that time I could speak less or be serious or not smile.

Now "A" meets me again recently and says:

A: Guddu Beta, How come u have become so serious. Itna serious nahi hona chahiye. Keep smiling, keep laughing blah blah blah.


6 months back:

B: Hey u have put on so much of weight, thoda gym vym jaya karo.

Me: Hanji bas time nahi milta,jate to hai hi.

B: You should concentrate on how u look.. blah blah blah

Me: Sure i will..

Now when i meet B again:

B: Beta kitni patli ho gayi ho, khana nahi khati kya? Look at your face, bimar lagti ho. Khaya piya karo. blah blah blah

My "Chhota sa" mind is thinking: ??????

Right only question marks.. hehehe

Par kahte hai na: “Dil to Baccha hai ji” Aur bacche ko khwaishe bhi hoti hai.

So I decided to make a list of my wishes:

May not be in the order of priority: P

  1. I wanna have a power of being invisible when I want to. ;)
  2. I wish I could read people’s mind
  3. I wish I could forget the feeling of revenge completely... [Thats in Past]
  4. I wish I could forget/hate YOU
  5. I wish I could fly
  6. I wish I were taller :P
  7. I wish I had time machine ;)
  8. I wish I had more time to think about my wishes now ;)

The list goes on and on and on…. 
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Prashanth said...

I WISH to say 3 things:

1. Let all your WISHES come true!

2. It is (practically) impossible to match others expectations. So, live your life for yourself.

3. Life is full of "??". The more you think, the more number of "?" gets added (this is what I said in my first blog post, its in Kannada though). Wise is to take life as it comes our way and enjoy our stay here.

Cheers! :o)

Deepak said...

it was a fun read... people cant let u live either way...

best of luck for BATOM

Guddu said...

@ Prashanth, I understand that now and this understanding has made my life happier. If not all, I wish some of them come true :P

@Deepak, Thanks Pal and all the best to u too. I had only 10 mins to post so just typed watever came on my mind at that time. Participation should be there, rite? :)

gkam said...

Nice post :)

Good Wishes for BAT12!

Gkam - Wish

Deepak said...

yes of course u r a participant. but my dear friend, contests should not be the motives for writing, it should be to win the hearts of the readers, right??

best of luck. lovely blog.

Guddu said...

@ gkam: Thank u, All the best to u too :)

@ Deepka, yeah. Thanks again :)

Vikas Khair said...

Hey Guddu looked like you were writing about me.

Nice Read.

best of luck for BAT 12

Guddu said...

ha ha. Thanks Vikas, All da best to u too :)

Swathi Pradeep said...

My post for BAT12,"WISH" Pl read,comment,vote

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

hey Guddu, i've faced that "patli ho gayi ho..." thing by the same people a hundred times in my life... at that rate i should have disappeared by now ;) what i have learnt is one word "IGNORE" :)

nice post, esp the time machine wish - i wished many times to have it, so much so that i have named the Archive section of my blog as Time Machine ;)

all the best for BATOM!

Vibhuti B said...

Hey Guddu,
I completely agree that Dil to bachcha hai ji! And ur wishlist ain't kiddish. I have a similar one too..:D hehehe..enjoyable read..
Please add me at facebook so I can see my poem in ur status bar..:D
The name is Vibhuti Bhandarkar Nayak

Tuppence said...

Was a good read. Happy i came by to read your entry.

All the best!
liked your Wanna Cry? entry also - Sweet

adarshs said...

quite wishful thinking :) bt a very honest writeup

Guddu said...

@ swati, thanks and wish u da same :)

@Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli , I m gonna be disappeared soon too because now and then i keep hearing that.. hehe.. BTW I m planning to invent a time machine.. wanna join?? ;)

@ Vibhuti B , added and thanks for appreciating. One of my frnds call me baccha because of my wishlist, Glad to know that i have a competitor ;)

@ Tuppence , Thanks :)

@ adarshs, U r the only one who called it honest and trust me it is more honest than the word Honest ;)

Vikram Pyati said...

Very nice post. Yes, you are right, most of the time we don't know what we want. My post explores it in some detail. Do read

Someone Is Special said...

It was a fun post.. Good attempt.. I wish that all the wishes should come true for you..

I wish you a good luck for BATOM - 12

Saravana Kumar - Wish

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Raksha Raman said...

Ah! Now that's a nice wish list there ;) Life is crazy and its these kind of wishes that help us keep going! Whether or not they come true is another story altogether! Why do you think Harry Potter is such a hit? It's because all our crazy wishes that remain as wishes forever are portrayed as reality in the HP series!

Enjoyed reading through :)

Good luck with BAT 12 :)

Guddu said...

@ Vikram Pyati:Thanks, will soon come over to read your post :)

@ Someone Is Special: Thanks, all da best to u too :)

@ Raksha Raman, hey i loved it wen u linked my post with Harry Potter:P You donno wat a big Harry Potter fan i m. In fact i wanted to put few wishes like: Wish i could Apparate, Wish i could send Howler , Wish i had a wand etc etc. hehe I m glad u liked it and u commented. Thanks :)

Vipul Grover said...

Well, its true wishes just go on..
U've added a nice perspective Guddu, that of never fulfilling wishes.. keep participating :)

Guddu said...

Hey Vipul, thanks for ur comment. :)

Brijender Singh said...

Very innocent,very honest-the kind of expressions that only a child could convey truthfully !
Beautifully written-sheer pleasure reading it !

Deepak said...

hey u have been tagged. visit my blog and take it up :)

astrosunilnomy said...

i loved the time machine part, i wish i could have a time machine, so that i could go back & unscrew my life, best of luck for blog-a-ton ! keep writing !

Guddu said...

@ Brijender Thank u for understanding my expression hidden in these lines :)

@ Deepak, Sure, Thanks :)

@astrosunilnomy, hey thanks and all the best to u too. If there was a time machine, we could undo lotsa things and we could also do lotsa things but unfortunately we can just wish for it that cant be fullfilled :(

Tavish Chadha( said...

nice post... had me smiling all through... good luck for BAT!

Guddu said...

Thank u Tavish :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

we often wear masks to satisfy the societal obligations n the name of morality.... and our wishes take back seat only to sprout up later as uber wishes

Guddu said...

Very true Mahesh and i believe that one should never ignore his/her wishes :)

Pavil said...

May all your wishes come true & then some more & more !!!! :-)
I liked it.

Guddu said...

Thanks Pavil :)