Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two sides..

As we all know, every coin  has two sides: Head and tail , so does every situation. U can't judge a situation by looking at just one side. But how many times do u try to look at the other side?? Although we know that other side exists;we look at the side, we wanna look at. No matter how true the other side is, we feel our side is right. We interpret the situation the way we want too. One person sees the trouble, other person sees the opportunity. We forget that the coin is made of same metal. It holds the same weightage for everyone.

If we consider human mind, our mind,it has two sides too. Emotional and logical. Do we really use the combination of both the parts of our brain?? Do we make an effort to maintain the balance.. No, we dont. Not me atleast. I use logical part more and sometimes i use only the emotional part of the brain. Oh why am i writing about it here. May be just a begining. Begining to use to combination. Begining to have a balance.


varuog said...

Well put i loved your objective self analysis and the clarity in thots and that which u aim to achieve by writing here.. So if one uses ones emotional or logical side than the other doesnt it mean tht one is more emotional abt tht side of onself? I mean if i say use more of my logical side does tht mean i m using more of my emotinal side then i want to use or use my logical side more?? :D :D

U know who said...
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Gudda said...

@ varuog, no english. Hindi me explain karo ki bolna kya chah rahe ho :P lol

@ whoever u r, I have accepted.

Aman... said...

@ varuog
:D :p

Gudda said...

@ Aman

Dant mat dikhao. Upar wale ka upar ka mala khali hai :P

varuog said...

@Aman: Thanx for the support.. and we all know kiska kya khali hai :D :D