Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How true !!

What do you do when you feel as if everything you do is wrong?

Came across this question on one of the sites. Now guess what was the answer mentioned there..

Try to blame it on someone else

It may sound hilarious but come to think of it. Lots of people do the same.By Blaming someone ,u avoid or try to ignore your contribution to the situation although u know that there is something contributed by you. Its much harder to look at yourself but if u continue blaming others, whenever the similar situation arises, u end up contributing the same. Then where is the learning?? In long run your arrogance, ignorance, self-judgment turns out to be really destructive to yourself without your knowledge. The worst part is, u always stay with the guilt although u never share it with anyone. To stop this, You should start considering your mistakes as opportunities to grow further. Learn to accept the responsibility for your actions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. No one is a perfectionist here.I admit that its scary to admit ur mistakes but it only make u strong with an advantage of learning. By developing this habit of admitting your mistakes in front of others with surely make you proud.


varuog said...

Woowww! like ur chain of thots.. i have similar thinkings in this regards.. hats off to the yound buding psychologist philosopher! :))

Gudda said...

Thank u thank u :) Still learning..