Friday, March 19, 2010

Blah blah blah...

Nothing much to write.

Woke up in the morning with neck pain, weekness and feverish feeling.

A lady in my gym got married. lol.

Spoke to a friend who ate the chocolates(homemade) he bought for me because he had nothing to eat in the night. Idiot!!

Started reading a new book- blink.

Missed talking to someone yet did not talk. Stupid me :P

Learnt to edit posts here. :)

Saw a stupid movie(PS I Love You)on Start Movies suggested by someone close to my heart. Guys don't watch this movie if u r in love. Don't watch is otherwise also. Complete waste of two hours except some funny scenes.

A friend didn't answer my call. I hate him so much for this.

Weather was hot so i didn't go out of house.

A bhabhi came home and her kid started crying as soon as i closed the door because it was too loud. I hate kids when they cry :D

blah blah blah

to be continued.... :P


varuog said...

Me too hate it when they cry hehe.. same pinch.. :P
Btw i tok to ppl whenever i feel like and if they give me their contact or phone no where i can.. i think you shud follow the policy.. its easier to be true to urself and ur feeligns then supress or fake them.. :)

angel said...

i hate u!!...P.S i luv u is "2 HOURS WATE OF TYM"!!!...hw cud u!!...:X

Gudda said...

Yeah trust me it was :) Excpet few hilarious dialogs.. Too senti to watch..

Gudda said...

@ varuog, Really?