Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self discovery

Alright i know no one can remember what happened at that stage. Neither can i, but i can surely draw a picture. I think this is what happened.

I was in my mother's womb when i heard a soft music. Was it real, yes it was, for the 1st time i heard something. May be someone was calling me out there.. Mum.. Dad... I realized  everyone wanted me out there, but i could only hear. I wanted to open my eyes, i wanted to see everyone but all i could see was darkness.

After a while ,my wait was over. Me, dying to feel the feel, opened my eyes for the first time in the fresh air around me. I was scared. But then i was happy too, happy to be free, to feel the freedom.

Then i felt a warm touch full of care and concern. Was it mum, was it dad, i don't know.

I wanted to attract everyone's attention. I wanted to let everyone know what i wanted in the form of meaningful words. I think i tried my best but all came out of my throat was: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeee ooooooooo  hehehe

Alright then i tasted something for the first time. It was sweet and now i know it was honey(mom told me).

As i grew up,i saw and sensed  and heard lots of other things. Few familiar, few strange. Few made sense and rest i was looking forward to learn. That moment i realized that i had a craving for learning, to know new things and to explore the world.

Everything was so unexpected, teaching me to expect the unexpected.

When i learnt to walk,i wanted to cover the whole world with my little legs but all i could cover was few centimeters. hehe Well it surely was an achievement for me at that time.

Curiosity kept generating for everything and then i learnt to ask questions. For everything i was under quandary.  I wanted to know everything. Sunset, Sunrise, Stars, Moon eveything. I was Overwhelmed to see a world outside my house.
The journey of my life started from here, consisting of ups and downs , teaching me to be patient, to look for opportunities, to gain knowledge everywhere and anywhere i could.

Journey goes on and on and on..

To be continued :)


varuog said...

continued wala part kahan hai??

Gudda said...

Patience baccha, patience ;)

angel said...

did u actually write this??

OMG this is really nice!!:)

Gudda said...

Ahem !! Thanks for liking it.. yup i wrote it :P