Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muted Words

"I'm getting married" , the words came out of her mouth as she ensconced herself in the chair.. She tried to show a veritable smile in her eyes while her loquacious lips were thinking what to say next.

"That's a great news. when did you decide and what does he do? I want to speak to him."

She dialed his number and gave the phone to him with her fingers crossed. "He is a nice guy", he concluded this after 5 mins of conversation on phone. She smiled again with lots of unspoken words.

She was back home when somethin unexpected happened. He called up and told her, I know you are going to be happy with him but there was somethin between us. Something we did not want to think about, Something i can not forget , Something which makes me sad because u are going to be someone's world.

With water streaming down her face, she realized how much she was craving for these words.
"I'll miss you", this is all she could say before the call got disconnected, trying her best to not to capitulate her feelings.

Too senti, isn't it??  Well its not from a movie or book or tv show. No no, its not any gal's story too. It is Just an imagination. :D


souptik said...

hmm,,a vry practical thout indeed...

Gudda said...

Be practical, be happy :P