Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy or Sad!!

"I want to be happy", this is the most common answer you get when u ask people what they want from life.

What can make you happy??

I keep reminding myself that i have to be optimistic, think positive and a positive attitude will lead to a merry life. So i keep telling myself that i am cool, i am happy , i am smiling, i have  loads of friends, i have a great job, i have everything under the Sun that one needs to be happy. I also keep reminding myself to smile a lot, because if i smile, i can argue with me that see gal, i am smiling so i am happy. I learnt the art of blocking negative thoughts,dejection,detestation so that i can always see myself in the state of bliss.
Recently i have started thinking that is this smiling, cool, easy going girl really me?? Damn! i am confound to a point , where i do not recognize myself anymore. Of course i am happy but then why am i looking for a reason to smile. Shouldn't i be smiling always? 
Well i am not sad but i hate to admit the fact that i am not happy either.
Uff what am i actually typing? Something even i am not aware of. " Happy" and "Sad" are two of the most confusing words of English dictionary. So let me not think about it anymore. 

PS: A smile follows :)


Anonymous said...

Cool... :)

Gudda said...


Amit Mishra said...

Do not just think and think !!
Thing big and better is always good, though not just thinking can be any good. So start implementing and cherish the moments!! Life is yours, treat it good, you will get the same in return, mat be bit late but u will get some rewards for sure by someone who really cares!!

Gudda said...

Yup i m cherishing every moment of my life now and haven't been happier :)