Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friend and book

I read it somewhere: Reading an old book is like meeting an old friend.

The joy of meeting a friend is inexplicable. In past few weeks I met few friends and i was elated for sure. Thats when i decided to read one of my favorite books which i enjoyed reading for the first time. 
I called my friend and requested him to deliver the book to me. After collecting the book, i was trying to find time so that i could start reading it.

For me, It is always reveling to read a book but lack of time doesn't allow me to do so :(

One fine day, i came back from office, tired but not sleepy. Kept my shoes back in the shoe-rack, hanged my shirt and trouser on the pink hook matching the colour of my room's pink wall ;) , put on my night cloths , washed my face and legs and hands, disturbed my towel to dry my face,hands,legs and was about to switch off the lights when i saw this book lying on my desk. As i was not sleepy, i picked up the book. Read the title- Twilight. Opened preface page and there was this line which caught my attention 3 years back and made me nostalgic again: 

When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

I could not read further that night as i was strolling down the memory lane :)


Aman said...

Hi di..I'm deleting tht trial blog..
Will design something new n let u knw :)
if you get to knw any site where we can upload xml files for free, let me knw.. :)

Gudda said...

Thanks Kanu, Sure will do :)

Iced Monkey said...

This piece is good!!
Got me thinkin for tonight..
Am walkin my streets in my head already...
Dancin on stage, entertain people feel the rush and the crowd roarin at me... Its so cool... thats my BOOK of HISTORY in my head. I grieved coz i couldnt do wat i loved to in my life so i took up MUSIC and DJ'in...
Will keep comin back for more, jus lemme know when you post somethin like this.... Peace.

Now i spin record by name "Iced Monkey" and am sure i got me on MySpace..
And GUDDU???
You know wat's my pet name is???
Mom Sis Dad and everybody else in my big family call me GIDDU!!!
hmmmmm.. Looks like i got you with ur eyebrows raisin!!! (o_O)

Gudda said...

Hey Guru, i swear my eyebrows raised before i read the last sentence :P hehe

Thanks for your appreciation and encouragement. I need it.

Yup checked ur music on myspace, you rock!! :)