Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bz bz bz bz, honey bee, honey bee.. :)

Now when i am getting used to this schedule, i feel its not as bad as i imagined. What made me feel so good?? After exploring my mind all evening, i reached to a conclusion that its because of the way this week kept me occupied with different things. For the first time in past few months,  i did not find time to talk to anyone, to answer my calls and to think about anything useless and unworthy. Feels good to be busy :)

I feel like singing this song now:

Oh, what a wonderful thing to be,
A healthy grown up busy busy bee;
Whiling away all the passing hours
Pinching all the pollen from the cauliflowers.
I'd like to be a busy little bee,
Being as busy as a bee can be.

On demand, here is the song------>

1 comment:

Mario said...

thr is always a reason to live n leave the sorrows n start a new begining..aftr al love z al v need