Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

Oh how much i wished this weekend would never end.It had everything in store for me. Suspense, Family Drama, Action,Fun, Heartbreak(:P), Crime, Police, Reality,Shock, Emotions, Nostalgia, a bit of stress too. :) Uff too much in too less time.
A series of events, one after another. Few overwhelming, few disappointing and few funfilled.
Let me try to list all of them here.

Alright so it started On friday evening with a heartbreak(not mine though :P ) consisting of a bit of lies and truth against an expected surprise. I know its contradicting. Surprise cant be expected but it was. hehe

Then moved to a shock when i was informed by my Supervisor that i hav to attend a team outing and its mandatory. I had so many plans :( .

Anyways here comes Reality and fun. On saturday when i arrived at the venue(Confident Cascade), i saw only managers and supervisors and my supervisor was missing. I became an object of laugh when one of them asked me whether I was new to the project.They all laughed at me and then I realized that they had a trend of coming late and my punctuality seemed hilarious there. Grrrrr ( with capital G) .
After lunch , the fun part started with the games(team work kinda). These were the games i never played earlier and no doubt i enjoyed. I was called "The baby of my Project" as i am the youngest. It was overwhelming when I, with other girl, was appritiated for the team work. The appritiation was given three times leaving me with lots of enthusiasm. :)
I left from that place at 6 in the evening and then met Vinay and Saurabh. Ranjeet was on his way to meet me. Now here a suspense was created by these two friends of mine when they started narrating their record of experiences of the day which never reached the climax and the story was actually narrated three times, (once by vinay, twice by johny) as they were following the trend of Vikram Betal where I was not supposed to speak thru out the story. The climax is still a Mystery for me as i interruped third time too. Grrrr.

Family drama was when, on Sunday, I had a session with my family on tax planning and other stuffs for sometime. The second scene of family drama started when I visited a friend's house to meet his just-born nephew. I didn't expect anyone else there but every single member of his family was present there, including his Uncle, Aunt, Cousins. I was shocked to see all of them and it was more shocking when i came to know that they were all expecting me. Spent sometime with all them followed by lunch and a stroll. It was nice albeit :)

My evening was speant doing dad's work. Well it was not stressing but not easy too. ;)

Post 9pm, fun part started again when we all family friends decided to go for a movie(Housefull) . We were 16-17 i guess. Movie was funny but how could i miss crime part on weekend. lol. Half an hour before the climax, we noticed a group of guys sitting in the last row. They all stood and started dancing on a song. Soon everyone came to know that they all were drunk. Fun moment turned into scary when they started falling on people sitting there. As we were very close to last row(3rd row), we had to stand and move aside . Then comes the superman of our group, one of my friends went to fight with them. It was so aggressive and frightening. Theatre authority people came, lights were switched on, police vehicles arrived. Complete chaos was created. Now Let me not make this post too long to read by mentioning everything and all other events.

Oh how can i forget to list this one. Monday morning, in my Gym, I asked an Aunty to move a littlle because i needed some place on the floor. Soon i realized how offensive it is to call an Aunt Aunty. Gosh she lost her temper. Lol. That was funny. hahaha.

Now i am back to office with Monday blues :)


Anonymous said...

nice one... specially the vikram betaal part... Hee Hee Hee... And the superman part too... We want the full story

Gudda said...

Sure u will get it Johny :)Lets make it a part of our next telephonic discussion.:)
And ya, First Use ur name while posting a comment :)

Vinayak said...

nice post
keep blogging

Gudda said...

Thank U Vinayak :)

Anonymous said...

lol!! i wish i was in d theatre too!! hw i luv these drams nd live actions!!!...

Gudda said...

hehe.u missed it for sure Angel.. :P