Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Invisible wall

That was the road i always used to take while visiting his house but today there is a gargantuan wall standing there. How unwanted it is!! I hate this wall. I hate to find an alternate road.. I hate to look for another option when this one was so convenient. There is the wall asking me to go back as the route is closed but i know my destination. I just have to figure out how to get there. Left with no other choice, i try hard, and here i am, completing my journey, can see my destination. I run towards it and how happy i am to reach there after an obstacle.

I could resolve the problem because it was a problem i could see. What to do when i encounter something which is not visible? What if there is an invisible wall?? What if i can not see what is standing out there? Won't i try to cross that again and again unaware of the fact that there is something which will never allow me to cross that??

Can anyone tell me how to figure out if there is an invisible wall standing??


Shareen said...

Its quite simple. Just close your eyes and walk. If there is any u will hit it or else u will go through.

Wat is this lady ur asking like a child. walk & explore to find if there is any.

Dats it and thats hw life carries on.

Gudda said...

Raju !! Fir ki na Raju wali baat !!

Hum to child hi hai :P

By the way Thanks for your suggestion :)

Aman... said...

Why risk hurting yourself by running towards it??
Carry some stones!!
Jab bhi lage ki shayad aage koi aisee invisible wall hai to pathar fenko, agar to aage 'wall' hai to takra ke gir jayega..
But make sure ki agar wall nahi hai to, woh pathar kisi aur ko hurt naa kare..

Kitni baar aisa hota hai ki hum poore dil se kuch karna chahte hain, par darr lagta hai..
Haan, kai baar aisee invisible walls se takraa kar chot khate hain, par zara socho ki agar darr ki wajah se aage naa badhen to shayad jo cheez door se khoobsurat lagti hai use kabhi sahi se jaan hi naa payen..

To jaise ki Shareen ji ne kaha, yaan to aankhen band karke us taraf bhaago, ya stones leke fenkte raho..
Par aage zarur badho..

PS: Kehne mein yeh sab kitna simple lagta hai naa??

Gudda said...

Yes Aman and u are good at making things seem simple, ain't u?? :)

Well stone is a good idea but a bit risky, wat if there is no wall !!

Running towards it wont help either coz can get hurt two times. Pahle to physically because of the wall and then emotionally because the wall was not expected.

I hate walls :(

Aman... said...

that's the point di..
maybe there is no wall??

Gudda said...

Or may be there is a wall and u wanna ignore it because it cant be seen :)

Aman... said...

Why are we talking in all these big words??
Kya matlab hai yeh "wall" kaa??

I need a big scoop of ice-cream.. :)
Phir dekh lenge walls ko..

PS: It took me half an hour to figure out my Wall in facebook account.. :p
Aur hum yahan invisible walls ke peeche pade hain..

Aman... said...

I took my risks with the invisible wall..
Yeah, I bumped into it and my head is still spinning..
But it's better to hit it and know you can never reach the other side..

Gudda said...

ha ha ha. Lets forget the "WALL" now.

I cant even eat icecream because of my bad throat :(

U cud ask me na, an expert on facebook. All tried and left(just like ur gadgets :P)

Gudda said...

I took my risk too, was hit hard :P

Chalo wall hai to hai,mere ko wahan jana hi nahi hai jahan raste me wall aati hai. I may want to reach my destination but wat if destiny doesnt want me..

Chalo destiny is changed. All's well that ends well.
Wall ki story is over.

Over and Out :) :)