Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unwanted Wanted

What do u do when u wanna get rid of something desperately and the very same thing keeps haunting you??Everywhere... Every time..

Getting started with something is never easy. This wasn't easy too.. To get rid of it was more difficult. But just when the situations came under control, just when everything started looking next to perfect, it was back.

This time louder, stronger, leaving an effect that left the affected people trembling with anger, fear, anxiety and frown.


Aman said...

In riddles we some times find it easy to talk,
when those feelings try to stalk,
get rid of these devils we must,
find out the point when they were let lose first..

But what can the little heart do?
for that is where they were born..
Write to the God say what you have to,
On a piece of paper that must be then torn..

P.S.- Do not litter, always use the dustbin..

Disclaimer: Nobody asks me for explanation for what I wrote above :p

Prashanth said...

Nice to see you back writing Guddu. Hope you get rid of everything around and stay here :o)

Guddu said...

@ Aman, hehe.. Good one though :)

@ Prashanth, Yup yup .. I hope da same.. Thanks :)

djneogi said...

What is this something? Can it be some nature call you feel outdoors but cannot respond to for obvious reasons? :)