Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good bye!!

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Whether it is as fleeting as the sun kissed days of summer or lasts nearly a lifetime, Love is always worth it.
“Was it a fleeting summer romance?” She asked herself as she read these lines again. She was lost in her thoughts..

It all started with exchange of few emails. She knew it was not right but her stupid, innocent, childish mind assured her-“It’s all right. It is just a time pass and the other person can never be serious.”

She smiled and replied back to one of the emails

Days passed by. The feeling grew stronger and stronger making her to forget her purpose.. She created her own virtual world with him.. Filled with his words and the dreams.. Dreams she never wanted to end.. She came across the fact that She never wanted to wake up from her dreams..

Here started her one of those busy days. She decided to put an end to it as she had no time for so called time pass. She sent a farewell email this time and didn’t open her inbox for next two days. As she could not resist anymore, she opened her inbox again and there were those touchy words from him.

How much she hates herself now because she read that email which made her to go back to him.

There she was..Doing something she never thought she would do... “Replying back to his email.”

She questioned herself that night:” Is it really a time pass??” she had no answer..

As days passed by, she felt she was stuck like a bug in a web in the corner of a dusty room. It was killing her everyday..Every hour..Every moment.. She wanted to run away from him, from his thoughts but all she could do was struggle as a poor bug..

Flabbergasted by her actions and she had no control over it...

She was trying hard not to like him too much, but he was too charming to be ignored. She knew she started liking him but she was holding back.

She could hear her thoughts whenever she was alone, they were so loud as if screaming at her for doing all she was doing. She knew it was not good and her insides continued to churn whenever she thought about it.
It was becoming very difficult for her to synchronize her feelings with so less time and so much to do.. Busy as bee she was, yet always free to check her inbox..

Everything that is started has to get over.. Let it be a song..a movie.. or a play...

She knew that end was near and hence there was farewell again..

She typed those farewell words which appeared funny, included “adios with love” followed by a Good bye kiss, stared at her monitor screen, hit send button without reading them again. She smiled as a drop of tear rolled down her cheeks.

She felt that incredible core of pain at the center of her chest or where she thought her heart was.
“It’s over”, she said to herself as she pushed away those little sprouts of hope budding in her mind as they were squashed painfully by her..

Summer was over and so was everything else with a small Good bye.
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Romi said...

Hi Ms.Guddu,
First things first. Extremely good article. God! running out of adjectives (superlatives) to describe my feeling. Kudos young lady. Especially loved the way you express yourself. Keep writing such kind of stuff. Loved it to the core. Thanks and regards.

Prashanth said...

huhhh! For not seeing you in Blogger for few days now (even thought I would drag you back here by a comment), the title "Good bye!!", increased my heart beat for a moment.. was a friend of mine about to create vacuum in my virtual world?
Well, it was not! A smile on my face as I went reading the post had consoled my fast beating heart.
Yeah! It is easier to get drowned in the virtual world in a virtual love. But, sooner or later, we realize that everything in virtual will not be real and most of the virtual things cannot take an existence in real.
Nice one Guddu :o)

Leo said...

Very interesting.. Like the way u've ended the story.


Guddu said...

@Romi, Hey thank u so much for all ur encouraging words.. :)

@Prashanth, I am so sorry for being away for so long.. but trust me, even if i want i can not find time to write anything :( I wish days were longer.. BTW thanks for ur concern.. I am glad to see that atealst one person awaits my post.

@Leo, Thank u Leo. Hope it was a successful attempt to write a short story :)

Prashanth said...

Guddu, even I think the same way. How if God has made a day for 30 Hrs so that I can work for 24 Hrs and have a healthy sleep for the rest 6 Hrs. But, that isn't going to happen!
I remember reading somewhere "When you find time for everything, you are really Busy; When you find time for nothing, you are really Lazy". Am not trying to say you are.. but, admitting that am LAZY.
Make some time for every simple thing in life; else we never gonna catchup the race! :o)

Sidra Sayeed said...

i think getting fixated by the virtual world is easy and somewhat romantic. I think it was super cute!

Guddu said...

@ Prash, trust me I am doing all I can to do all I want to.. :) thank u again Prashanth. I am so glad that i met u here :)
@ Sidra, Very romantic..hehehe ;) I think Cute is the word I was looking for in the comments :) Thank u

Nethra said...

She said goodbye but how did he react? It's not fair when a person decides to say farewell in any kinda relationship. They should be considerate about the other person's feelings too.
Anyway, all the best for BAT! :)

Guddu said...

@Nethra, I agree with u but time heals everything :)
Thanks nd all da best to u too :)

Vee... said...

e-love i must say. what starts as a past-time soon makes us interested in it, and eventually we'll fall for it. it happens to most of us.

Phoenixritu said...

As a confirmed net addict,this goodbye scares me

Amity said...

another sad farewell...

whoaaa....i've read half of all entries and seems all are in keeping with what the word goodbye is...:)

but i like this post! nice one!

all the best!

mayur said...

The thing I liked the most about the story was the ending. There is no point in living in a fools paradise ;)

This story reminded me of the movie "Roman Holiday"...and how similarly they end.

You have expalined in a very subtle way...the Don'ts of the virtual world!

All the best for BAT!!

Pavil said...

Love on the net, it comes fast & goes fast .......very interesting story.... & perfect selection of words, no more no less

gkam said...

I like the way u've depicted the struggle with her obsession in the post.

ATB for BAT13
Gkam - Goodbye

Guddu said...

@ Vee, Yes and it happens when u least expect it
@ Phoenixritu Don't be.. Not all luv stories have the same ending :P
@Mayur, I need to download the movie now :) Thanks and all the best to u too :)
@Pavil, Right but till it stays, u enjoy it..hehe.. thanks anyways :)

Someone Is Special said...

Extremely good article, well narrated.. great work..

All The Best for BAT 13.

Gmsaravana - Goodbye

Yours Frendly,
Someone Is Special

Vikas Khair said...

Good Work Guddu Really Interesting Keep it up

All the Best for BAT-13

Vikas Khair - Goodbye

Makk said...


hows that girl now?


Guddu said...

@ SOMEONE OS SPECIAL and Vikas, Thanks buddys..
@ Makk, Good question.. Even i am trying to figure out the same :)

Keerthi P said...

Virtual love! :D Love it! And your post too. ;)

All the best!

Anu said...

Well written one, and a beautiful story! All the best for BAT!

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

well this is the reality of a lot of teenagers today!!!!...well done to bring this out!!

Vipul Grover said...

Thats a really nice account of virtual love thts being nurtured by ever growing social networking sites.. a poignant (bcoz of the pain, she wnt thru) yet amusing (bcoz the vry idea of virtual love is amusing despite the fact I'v fallen for it too many times;) take on the topic.. ATB :)

Gyanban © said...

Short n snappy post - liked the thought/philosophy behind it.

djneogi said...

A nice progression of moods and clear as the tear drop rolling down her cheeks...appreciate this nice little post not only for its context, but for its rhythm and music too...