Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A New Day !

I am getting back on the track now. The fog which was getting denser every passing day has completely lifted and I can see everything clearly now. I don't believe that I am actually writing after so long. So many things happened in past couple of months.. Seasons changed and so did emotions and feelings. There were few strong emotional hits. I wanted to go on a self proclaimed exile but then I gave everything a second thought. I gave a second thought to me as well and reminded myself that I am a real person and life is full of trials. We don't know where we are heading in life because there is something called destiny which plays a very important role in everything we do or say or see.

Everyone at some point in life will have an year when a yearly celebration is not welcomed (may b anything: Diwali, holi, Christmas, anniversary or even birthday). We should tell ourselves that it's ok. There were good days and there will be better days coming up. Loosing hope in oneself cannot be a solution for any problem. If something is not working out, we should give ourselves permission to step back and take a look at other activities. If u r not happy, give yourself permission to say NO to a party and be honest with yourself. 

As I read once, Life happens when you are busy making other plans. So just let it happen. Remember that Pain is also a gift which will make u stronger. In last few days I learnt that Staying unhappy cannot be a solution.  Instead vent out your anger (in the form of activities like gym, jog or work), cry a river and just move on. Going back to a person and complaining will never bring a solution , instead it will make things worse and will leave u emotionally damaged.

Now I keep reminding myself that Silence is the best way to let someone know that they did you wrong.


Prashanth said...

Guddu, I totally agree with you. Silence kills more easily than words. Liked the positive note in this post of yours. Keep it up :o)

Guddu said...

Thanks for ur encouragement Prashant :-)

Shiyas M said...

HHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. dude shit happens in life... so just let it go... And keep moving.. Welcome back from the emotions to The DEVILS own EARTH..